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What do you understand by the term ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT ( ORM )?


First, let us understand the term Online Reputation. What is the meaning of online reputation?


Online Reputation means the reputation of a company. Person, goods or services, product or any brand through online or digital platforms. Online reputation is affected by the impact of the content the organization use. The interactions of the web users with the content and their activities on social media.


Why is it important to maintain Online Reputation of a company?


Because to have a good dignity and name in front of the users. To attract more customers towards your company. If, your customers are happy then you have a good reputation. And has manage your brand through online channels quite well.


Online reputation management is the tool. Through which you can manage the dignity of your company by online channels. It helps in driving public opinions about a business or a company. And its goods and services through online channels. Its all about improving your brand name in a good point. This is all about counting the negative comments of your brand. And convert them into positive aspects. And never to reply the naysayers in the same tone or language as they said to you. If some of the users say something negative about your brand on online platforms. The way you handle them is your perspective. The reputation of your brand depends upon that how well you handle that criticism. In a positive manner. And change them into appreciation. So, that your customers can trust you even more than before. and even that naysayers can accept their fault. You have to reply the naysayers in such a way that other trustworthy customers could not be affected by one negative comment.


What is the reputation management in social media?


Its all about removing the negative social media material of your brand. To increase your brand name. Not only the customers share their experience on social media. But the audience who read them also start trusting the brand. Based upon the experience of the customers shared on the social media platform.


In online reputation management, we have to take control of the conversation that is going on social media platforms, in order to maintain our dignity. Your reputation sells. People will likely to look upon the online reputation before making the purchase decisions. Whether they will look upon the search engines or social media platforms to know more about your brand and will definitely read the user’s experience that they share on social media, that will help them to have more trust about your brand.


What do you understand by the term Brand Reputation?


Brand reputation means how a particular brand maintains its dignity from an individual point of view or from a company’s perspective. A favorable brand reputation means how much the customers trust your brand, your brand’s loyalty and they definitely feel good about your brand.


So, this is all about what is online reputation management and how to handle it gracefully. You can learn Online Reputation Management skills from Digital Marketing Institute In delhi.


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